Needle Craft

Needlecraft – Section G

Sponsors: Spotlight, Australian Country Spinners, Joan Thom,

Head Steward – Joan Thom

Stewards for Sections G, H, J.

Judy Ramsdale, Marion Mundy, Joan O’Bryan, Mrs G. Dowling, Val Loomes & Angela Clarke.

Needlework which has won 1st prize at a previous Show of this Association is not eligible for competition. All work must have been done by the Exhibitor and completed within the last 12 months. All needlework is to be shown unwashed unless otherwise specified and if, in the opinion of the Judge, this condition is not observed, work will be disqualified.  Exhibitors sending needlework to the Secretary are requested to firmly fix Exhibit Ticket to work and in the case of collection, to have different pieces joined by tape.  In the Open Section, no more than 3 entries per person in a Class. MUST be delivered to Main Pavilion between 8.30am & 4pm on Thursday 3rd of October.


Exhibits can be collected between 5.30pm and 6.30pm Saturday 5th of October or alternatively Sunday 6th October by appointment only.  If these times don’t suit prior arrangements can be made with Secretary on 0407 094124.  No cars will be allowed in the show grounds on Saturday and a gate entry fee will be charged (Saturday only). Exhibit tickets are to be attached with a small safety pin provided by Exhibitor.


Each exhibitor (in main and horticultural sections) will be given the opportunity to purchase one gate entry wristband at the reduced rate of $10. The wristband must be pre purchased at the time of dropping off their exhibits.  Limited to one per exhibitor.

Children Exhibitors 16 years and under, can collect a free wristband to enter the show on Saturday to encourage more children to enter.

1st Prize $2   2nd Prize $1  (unless otherwise specified)

ENTRY FEE – $1.00 per entry



  1. Child’s garment machine sewn

(hand finishing allowed)

  1. Any article of sewing or dressmaking not provided for (including two piece outfits)
  2. Cushion-any work
  3. Piece of framed cross stitch-no more than 5% other stitches incl. backstitch and half stitches. (Please specify whether kit or own design.)
  4. Embroidery other than cross stitch
  5. Counted thread embroidery–any article
  6. Article featuring wool and/or ribbon embroidery
  7. Article featuring smocking
  8. Framed picture
  9. Sampler
  10. Piece of needlework tapestry, framed
  11. Long stitch tapestry, framed

Class 1 -12 Best Exhibit Rosette

  1. Handmade pin cushion
  2. An article featuring appliqué
  3. Felted article
  4. Something new from something old
  5. An article of craft with Christmas theme
  6. Article of heirloom sewing
  7. Hand or machine sewn fabric bag, embroidery and/or embellishments allowed
  8. Beaded article (not jewellery)
  9. Tea cosy – any work
  10. Prettiest coat hanger

Class 13 – 22 Best Exhibit Rosette

Needlecraft – Section G


  1. Baby’s jacket or frock knitted (any ply)
  2. Baby’s jacket or frock crocheted (any ply)
  3. Baby’s booties knitted or crocheted

26a Child’s jumper or cardigan knitted (less than 8 ply)

26b Child’s jumper or cardigan knitted (8 ply and over)

27a Lady’s jumper or cardigan knitted (less than 8 ply)

27b Lady’s jumper or cardigan knitted (8 ply and over)

28a  Man’s pullover or cardigan knitted (less than 8 ply)

28b Man’s pullover or cardigan knitted (8 ply and over)

  1. Any other knitting article not mentioned
  2. Knitted or crocheted shawl
  3. Travelling rug or knee rug knitted or crocheted
  4. Knitted or crocheted article not mentioned

Class 23 – 31 Best Exhibit Rosette



  1. Piece of patchwork, hand worked
  2. Piece of patchwork, machine worked (hand finishing allowed)
  3. Any article of Applique & patchwork combination
  4. Piece of patchwork no larger than 1m square
  5. Piece of patchwork featuring hand embroidery

Class 32 -36 Best Exhibit Rosette and $25 Voucher from The Material Girls


  1. Best soft toy suitable for a young child
  2. Golliwog – knitted/fabric
  3. Rag Doll
  4. Cot Quilt
  5. Teddy bear
  6. Apron
  7. Hand knitted socks/beanie/gloves or scarf
  8. Dressed Doll – any size (only clothing to be judged)
  9. Character sets e.g. nursery rhyme, nativity
  10. Over Seventies – any craft
  11. Over Eighties – any craft
  12. Any article of needlecraft not mentioned

Class 37 – 48 Best Exhibit Rosette


  1. Skein of wool any ply.
  2. 3 only skeins of natural dyed wool

(state dye)

  1. Hand spun knitted jumper men’s or ladies
  2. Hand spun crochet garment
  3. Hand spun knitted/crocheted shawl
  4. Hand spun knitted gloves / socks / scarf
  5. Hand spun article / garment not mentioned
  6. Hand woven item

Class 49 – 56 Best Exhibit Rosette



Regulations for Classes 57, 58, 59, 60, 61

  1. Each exhibit entered must be the bona fide work of the exhibitor
  2. An exhibit having won at a Show will compete at a 2020 Group Final. The winning exhibit will then compete In the State Final at the 2020 Royal Melbourne Show
  3. An exhibitor may represent only one local show at Group level and one Group at State level
  4. An exhibit having won at State Final is no longer eligible to s=compete In the competition
  5. If for any reason a winner is unable to compete at Group or State Final level, then the second place getter is eligible to compete
  6. A person will not be permitted to win at more than one Show within the State in any one Show year. Persons not adhering to this rule will be required to forfeit/refund prize money
  7. All work to have been completed In the last twelve(12) months prior to its entry at a local show/field day
  8. An exhibit may only win one Group Final In a show season (Spring to Autumn), should the same article be entered again and found to have already won a Group Final in the same show season the exhibitor must forfeit/refund any and all prizes and will be disqualified from exhibiting for 12 months
  9. Late entries not accepted

VAS Hand Knitting Competition

Hand knitted garment for a child, 3-5 years of age.

Must be Pure Wool/Wool Blend of any ply, attach label from wool used or receipt from the Woollen Mill.

State -1st State Final Trophy and $300, 2nd $150, 3rd $50 Spotlight vouchers.

  1. VAS Ltd Hand Crochet Competition

One item of crochet, no larger than 50cm on any one side.

Must be Pure Wool/Wool Blend of any ply (label must be attached or receipt from Woollen Mill).

Class 57 – 58

Local Level           – Wangaratta Woollen Mill

Group Level         – $50 Voucher from Wangaratta Woollen Mill

State -1st State Final Trophy and $300, 2nd $150, 3rd $50 Spotlight vouchers.


  1. VAS Sewing Competition

Tote/Carry Bag – No larger than 50cm on any one side.

Fabric handle/s, minimum embellishments allowed, must be lined.

Machine sewn, may be hand finished. Knitted/Crocheted items not acceptable

State -1st State Final Trophy and $300, 2nd $150, 3rd $50 Spotlight vouchers.


  1. VAS Patchwork Competition

Exhibit to be no more than 1 metre on any one side. Machine/Hand pieced and quilted by exhibitor only. Minimal embellishments allowed. Only finished articles will be accepted.

Class 59/60 Prizes – Local level 1st $20, 2nd $5

State -1st State Final Trophy and $300, 2nd $150, 3rd $50 Spotlight vouchers.


  1. VAS Hand Embroidery Competition

An article of hand embroidery, any type excluding cross stitch

Class 61 Prizes – Local level 1st $20,   2nd  $5 (sponsored by Mrs Joan Thom)

Class 59 – 61 -Group Level $25

Class 57-61

State -1st State Final Trophy and $300, 2nd $150, 3rd $50 Spotlight vouchers.

JUNIOR Needlecraft – Section J

Sponsored by Moira Arts & Culture Inc.

ENTRY FEE – 50c.   Open to all school children.

Prize Money 1st $2 2nd $1

10 years & Under

  1. Any item of knitting
  2. Piece of sewing (hand or machined)
  3. Piece of embroidery
  4. Any article not specified
  5. Item of material weaving

Classes 1-5 Best Exhibit rosette & $10


14 years & Under

  1. Any item of knitting
  2. Piece of sewing (hand or machined)
  3. Piece of embroidery
  4. Fabric toy
  5. Cushion featuring stitched decorations
  6. Any article not specified
  7. Item of material weaving
  8. Article of patchwork
  9. Handmade bear or doll

Classes 6-14 Best Exhibit rosette & $10


Open (School Age Only)

  1. Any hand knitted/crochet garment
  2. Any hand knitted/crochet article
  3. Piece of embroidery
  4. Article of patchwork
  5. Garment of own choice
  6. Piece of sewing (hand or Machined)
  7. Any article not specified
  8. Article of material weaving

Classes 15-22 Best Exhibit rosette & $10