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Members of Council

President: John Wright 0400 182 553

Senior Vice President: Donna Knuckey 0438 860098

Junior Vice President: Ian Jackson 0417 524 490

Secretary: Sue Jackson 0407 094124

Treasurer: Liz Cook 0418 894 948


D.Cummins, P. Hammon, J. Hammon, J. Thom, L. Stevenson, J. Lewis, S. McPherson, J. Beattie, A. Beattie, R Coulter, H. Wright, O’Kane,    M. O’Kane, L. Keenan, M Randall & R McCarthy.

Honorary Life Members:   

Mrs. J Thom, Mr. P Hammon, Mr. J Ledger, Mr. B Keenan, Mrs. M Howard, Mrs. J Benham, Mr. J. Beattie & Mr. D. Cummins.

Honour Roll (Deceased): Mr. D Benham,

Mr. P Connell (Life Governor)

Mr. R Toms, Mr. J Prescott, Mr. R Nevin, Mr. E Dowling Snr.,

Mr. James E Thom, Mr. JC Dowling, Mr. John C Thom,

Mr. J Beattie Snr., Mr. E McPherson, Mr. G McPherson,

Mr. E Dowling Jnr., Mr. M Connell, Mr. N McDonald, Mr. R Hagger,

Mr. R Prescott, Mr. W Sharp, Mr. H Vagg, Mr. A Manning,

Mr. WL Prescott, Mr. J Walker, Mr. WH Gilmour, Mr. JR Rennie,

Mr. GL Prescott, Mr. JR Hammon, Mr. J Dowling Snr., Mr. J Cooper,

Miss K Connell, Mr. L Quinn, Mr. R Montrose.

Entertainment Officer: John Wright 0400 182 553

Photography:  Sue Jackson 0407094124

Colouring Competition, Website & Facebook:

If you are unable to contact the relevant Head Steward, either email or phone the Secretary.


Address: PO Box 105, Yarrawonga 3730
Phone/Fax: 03 5744 2046 (9am to 3pm Show week)

You may contact any of us depending on what you are looking for thank you..